A Perfect Day for a Bananafish-Post

Subject: A Perfect Day for a Bananafish-Post
From: Mattis Fishman (mattis@argoscomp.com)
Date: Sun Apr 02 2000 - 14:26:11 EDT

   Hello friends,

   Well,itlooks like that time again.Perhaps it is the Spring thaw
   that ends somany forms of hibernation(but has not cured my
   broken space bar, sorry),perhaps it was the quiet period on the
   list (just broken by Steven's fine post and a guest appearance
   by old Rainer,courtesy of Paul M.) which beckons like a bottle
   to an alchoholic, perhaps it'sanotherattack of bananafever.
   Your guess is as good a mine, better probably,if you believe
   as I do the philosophical dictum I espoused recently- you know me
   better than I do myself.

   Anyway, it'stime foranother of those reader response posts that
   tackle"APerfect Day for Banafish" according to a particular mood
   (and I do hope this time to get through this, this time with a mimimum of
   twinkliness and a maximum of gallantry).I imagine that our recent
   joinees have gathered by now that this is not the first, second,
   or third post I have spewed forth on this subject, and that the
   rest of you have got your tracingpaper and red pens out so that you
   can make corrections to my primitive rendition of a pilgrim soul
   and send them to me.Please. (And those of you who are worried that I
   might say something *very* stupid here, relax,though inour little soap
   opera I am sorry to spoil the suspense).

   Of course,I have my doubts here if I willmake it to the end of this
   post,just as Seymour never made it from the beach to his wife's
   bedside with anything more than a glance. This is because while
   happiness and joy may be solid and liquid, that moresubtle state