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Subject: Re: The (very) Long Red Line
From: Benjamin Samuels (
Date: Sun Apr 02 2000 - 22:30:44 EDT

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From: Scottie Bowman <>
> I can understand Steve's response to The Thin Red Line.
> But for me the film was far........far........far.......too.....long

I didn't mind the length of TRL. In general if a movie is well written and
has good acting 3 hrs isn't too long for me, I like the experience of being
drawn into a story completely and each added length can be more powerful
than the length before, though with increasing required talent going into
it. Magnolia is a good example of a movie that used every bit of it's 3 hrs
incredibly well, where as I can see your point about how the gist of TRL
might have been delivered in a much shorter piece. But as I said, I enjoyed
it. Then again I'm one of those young make bums you mentioned being a
targeted demographic so maybe it's on my account that it was too long for


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