Re: text and links some might like to see

From: Jim Rovira <>
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 12:54:52 EST

To me, pissing people off is entirely...predictable...whenever you have
anyone say anything specific about any subject. It's always going to
violate someone's doctrine. Or project. Or policy. Or platform. Or
even reason for being. The real question is, "Who are you pissing off
and why?"

RE: the letter posted, I guess the real question is, "If it was so
representative of the philosophical community, why weren't there more

And, "Which schools of philosophy do the signatories represent?"

It was just too neat a dismissal.


Scottie Bowman wrote:

> '... As even Scottie knows, it's always a good sign
> when you're pissing off the right people ...'
> That's my great sadness, John. The only people
> I ever seem to piss off are the dead-beats.
> Scottie B.
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