Re: old chestnuts refurbished

From: Jim Rovira <>
Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 14:30:41 EST

Yeah, there's probably something to that, Scottie. I could make
comments about the Germanic/Austrian snake oil still being passed off as
science these days, but I think I'm going to go in another direction
with this.

I read Derrida because he made his mark and the mark, though fading, is
still there. Helps me understand what other people are talking about.

Seeing the value of a critique doesn't mean you fully agree with it.
Think about it -- what does a critique offer? Nothing you can build
anything upon. It's more like something you keep in the back of your
mind when you're doing your real work. Sometimes you ignore it more
often than others.

There are a plenty of other people I've read more than Derrida.


Scottie Bowman wrote:

> How dispiriting, then, to watch the hicks still lining up for
> their bottles of Parisian snake-oil - all the while dutifully
> mumbling the required mantras: 'project', 'discourse',
> 'gesture', 'prick-centricity', 'decuntstruction', & the rest.
> Scottie B.
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