Re: RIP, Leslie Fiedler

From: Will Hochman <>
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 09:30:32 EST

Tim, I'm glad to hear you have another job. NYU was silly to let you go.

Leslie Fiedler classified Salinger as a "middlebrow writer" in Love
and Death in the American Novel and in a l962 book review of Franny
and Zooey published in Partisan Review ("Up from Adolescence"),
Fiedler classified Salinger as a failed novelist.

Although Leslie Fiedler was tough on JDS, he was kind to me. I had a
brief correspondence with Fiedler (who was a friend of a teacher I
was studying with). I was a young man, close to finishing my
undergraduate degree, and uncertain about graduate school. Fiedler
strongly suggested I consider the U of Montana because Richard Hugo.
Studying writing with Richard Hugo turned out to be one of the finest
learning experiences I ever had.


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