Venus in a Fly Trap

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Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 14:33:23 EST

I have been pondering Scottie's remarks about these fictional women. Also,
Jerome's characterization of women seems to have a resonance with them. It
is odd but most women I have known are not like this for the most part. My
Mom is an active tough middle-aged women living in the Barrio who has been
known to literally use her fists or take a 2 x 4 to a Cholo's boom box. And
all the women I have dated, including the one I married have all been
athletes and outdoorswoman (read low maintenance). I even dated a Junior
Olympic Karate Champ who owned her own chain of Karate studios. We didn't
last long together, I preferred Toshiro Mifune over Bruce Lee. But these
fictional women are quite alien to me. Sure I have seen this species at a
distance but that's about it. For character's sake, Scottie, the one woman
most like Frances etc that I know is from England.


Whatever about the myths of Ancient Greece, for some of us the name Sybil is
forever associated with 'Fawlty Towers'...
Simply to recall the look of fear & fury on John Cleese's face as he cries:
'Coming, Sybil....' to his bossy-boots wife as played by Prunella Scales -
is to find oneself laughing once again with an awful self-recognition.
With her sculpted coiffure, her fine, girdled figure & her complacent
dominance of all she surveys, she is very much the sort of female Salinger
did not seem to care for. How much better, though, to make her the subject
of hilarity, as Cleese & Connie Booth did, than the sniffy contempt J.D.
tends to deploy (despite all his grand talk of Fat Ladies.)
Scottie B

Didn't you fancy the lights shining through the new leaves on the chestnuts
along Montparnasse? Or Cohn's girlfriend, Frances? Or the 'pleasant early
morning feeling of a hot day'? Or ...?
Scottie B
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