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It takes a mumbling scholastic to translate. I remember a Physics class I
had in a lecture hall that seated 200. This wild haired professor would
stand facing the chalkboard 2 inches away lecturing us while scribbling his
derivations on the board. Short story, if it was in the book I learned it
if not then oh well. Some one hollered one day, 'could you speak up this
isn't Physics for poets." And he turned around and mumbled apologies for 10
minutes. My high school math teacher had Einstein guest lecture one of his
Physic classes at the Naval Academy and he covered all four blackboards with
derivations and asked if there were any questions left and wandered the
parking lot for half an hour. If I am ever in the Keystone state I'll
check Ursinus parking lot for Matt.


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What Matt is humbly saying (I think) is that he's been offered his
first full time tenure track professorial gig at an old Salinger
stomping ground, Ursinus College. CONGRATS Matt! The job market for
professors is extremely tight and competitive so winning the job
offer is, in my opinion, a large achievement.


PS: Please tell us how you got JDS to write you a letter of recommendation!

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