From: John Gedsudski <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 18:33:48 EST

>Hello all. I actually have been a member of this mailing list for probably
>a month or so, but have only been observing thus far. I just thought it is
>about time to introduce myself. My name is Katie, and I cannot say I've
>been a Salinger fan for long. One of my friends just turned me on to him
>within the past year or so, but I have been reading some of his works since
>then. So far I've finished Catcher in the Rye about three times and I've
>read through Nine Stories quite a few times as well. I was wondering if
>any of you have any suggestions for where to go next? Thanks.


My suggestion would be to follow the above works with a close reading of
"Hapworth 16, 1924". I would have put it ahead of Nine Stories, it is the
best story to read before progressing thorugh the Glass Saga. Still,
acquire a copy of this work and read it thouroughly, the insight is


John Gedsudski
Adjunct Professor of Linguistics
Philistia Community College
501 Lane Court

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