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From: Aaron Sommers <>
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 15:16:36 EST

Mr. Bowman wrote:

No one can truly claim
>> the title Salingerista who has not first absorbed all the lessons
>> & nuances of Hapworth.

Hear, here. Moreover, without absorbing the priceless story "Hapworth 16
1924" no one can even strive towards claiming the specious title of

I am still waiting for Will to exlain how J.D. Salinger "later appealed to
his readers." I know the Dear Old Tyger Letter holds some meaning for him
and that is fine but...To once again be my old fuddy-duddy self I really
want him elaborate on how the Old Hermit appealed to his readers. Of course,
those promised new glass stories, aside, we can dissect his last published
work, found on pages 32 to 113 in the June 19, 1965 New Yorker but it would
be a lugubrious process and surely has been done on this list before. For
now, though, I'll pull out a nugget that caught my eye as I re-read the
tour-de-force the other night:

"...Both are written by distinguished, false scholars, men of condescension,
exploitation, and quiet, personal ambition. I have personally finished
reading their books with tears of shame and anger. ...Godsent models of the
feculent curse of intellectuality and smooth education running rampant
without talent or penetrating humanity."

Straight from the mouth of an intricately calibrated man of seven.


John Gedsudski
Adjunct Professor of Linguisitcs
Philistia Community College
501 Boorish Drive

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