Re: intro-duct-ion

From: Kim Johnson <>
Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 16:51:22 EST

--- James Rovira <> wrote:

> Kim -- Somehow I think the publishers won't be able
> to resist
> republishing whatever they can get their grubby
> little hands on assuming
> Salinger hasn't locked it all up in a legally
> contructed vault until
> they become public domain. I'm not too worried
> about Salinger's
> contemporaries dying off. I bet a lot will come to
> the surface if it's
> allowed to...

i agree about the publishers. just hope he doesn't
change his idea about the color-codes, and they're all
in flame-red.

joyce died at 59, so many people were still around for
ellmann to flesh out the man. and it turned out that
there were manuscripts and letters galore.

jds seems to want to cover up as much of his tracks as
is humanly (neurotically?) possible.


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