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Subject: Re: Catcher part II?!
From: Jim Rovira (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 13:23:08 GMT

Yeah, I've thought that too. When I read the other Caulfield family
stories I felt that Salinger was trying to do what he did with the Glass
family, but kinda painted himself in a corner. So he dropped the
Caulfield's and started over with the Glass family, opening it up with more
family members and a single, spectacular event that would define the family
for decades (Seymour's suicide. Allie's death was different in that it was
through neglect/carelessness rather than something overtly intentional).


Will Hochman wrote:
> In a sense, the Glass stories are Catcher part's my belief
> that Salinger experimented with characters and families of
> characters. I think that Salinger kept trying to experiment with
> different families of characters. These days, I wonder if there is a
> family of characters in Salinger's vault not named "Glass" or
> "Caulfield." will
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