Feral Cats and cimarron

From: Yocum Daniel GS 21 CES/CEOE <daniel.yocum@Peterson.af.mil>
Date: Thu Jan 02 2003 - 12:31:42 EST

Good Freaking God :). Funny, Daniel, thanks. The second link...



The attached article really gets at the whole idea of the feral, the
semi-wild:semi-domisticated. You can be critical of what you read, you can
ackknowledge the uncertainty of knowledge but the 'pattern' of uncertainty
points to an underlining sureness. We can't get at the meaning directly it
is 'observed' second or even third hand, and I think scientific types accept
this sort of thing but the philosphers by their very nature are confounded.
They look for answers but undermine the delivery system. They can't live
with assumptions. But due to our finite nature we must accept assumptions
not as some bullshit 'leap of faith' but as faith to get on with getting on.
People like Derrida appear to see the problem but go to far, they burn down
their own house. Maybe he is clearing for a rebuilding but I think there
are better ways. The feral recognizes the nature of language and just
accepts it. It allows you to really write. I don't always need a hat rack
but I always find somthing to hang my hat on and a story without hat hanging
is, well, crap. Waves rolling over a sea of meaining resting on the bedrock
of the sureness of the sea floor.


I guess this really has no meaning except the yours but don't turn your back
because stalking cats take their quarry from behind.

PS: I watched Fight Club, much better then I expected. I picture Salinger,
and Derrida for that matter, fighting themselves.
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