Re: the smell of burning flesh

From: John P Baumgardner <>
Date: Tue Jan 07 2003 - 15:15:13 EST

Thanks for the nourishment Kim. You make this list worth watching.

Looks like it should be called the College Language Association of Atlanta,
Georgia Journal.


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--- Tim O'Connor <> wrote:
> what is CLA
> Journal, and is it normally available on newsstands?

i believe cla stands for 'the college language
association'. but the title of the journal is simply
"CLA Journal".

i doubt it's available on newsstands. i found it at
an academic library, courtesy of the mla bibliography.

the full citation of the article is:

eberhard alsen. 'new light on the nervous breakdowns
of salinger's sergeant x and seymour glass'

CLA Journal, volume xlv, number 3, march 2002, pages


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