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From: Scottie Bowman <>
Date: Sun Jan 19 2003 - 08:33:41 EST

    Like the proverbial dog returning to his own vomit, I can't
    resist commending an article in the National Review by
    Mark Goldblatt on the ever engrossing topic of Jackie
    Derrididdle. For the less rigorous readers (such as myself)
    whom John deplores, it provides just the ammunition that will
    enable us to pontificate with our prejudices safely buttressed.

    Some days back I teased the Hemingway list with an enticing
    whiff of 'Il n'y a pas dehors texte'. I had quite a number
    of responses - every single one of them OFF list & some
    with the explanatory apology that they were fearful of going
    public since the eyes of the Establishment were everywhere.

    My surprise was less than overwhelming & it strengthened
    my impression - which Goldblatt seems to confirm - that
    'half the humanities professors [in the US]' now enforce
    the deconstructionist dogma on pain of something worse
    than death.

    The next time I tested the Ernies, however, there was a reassuringly
    vigorous & publicly dismissive reaction. The Grand Old (tenured) Men
    - men who usually react to my squibs with an air of lèse-majesté - were,
    this time, more than happy to join my chorus of scorn.

    Still, I suppose that would be the expected response from anyone
    so outdated as still to specialise in the most influential writer you
    ever produced.

    Scottie B.

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