what literature does for me...

From: Jim Rovira <jrovira@drew.edu>
Date: Sun Jan 19 2003 - 10:52:13 EST

Just yesterday I read this poem by William Carlos Williams:

The Thinker

My wife's new pink slippers
have gay pom-poms.
There is not a spot or a stain
on their satin toes or their sides.
All night they lie together
under her bed's edge.
Shivering I catch sight of them
and smile, in the morning.
Later I watch them
descending the stair,
hurrying through the doors
and round the table,
moving stiffly
with a shake of their gay pom-poms!
And I talk to them
in my secret mind
out of pure happiness.

About five minutes ago I walked into the family room and saw my wife,
sitting on the couch, wearing pink slippers with little knots at the end
of a small bow tied on top of each one.


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