Re: franny and zooey [authorial intent, etc.]

From: James Rovira <>
Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 11:10:22 EST

Nah, Robbie, I'm not going to go around and around with you about what I
said to you in the past or not. I think I've said I was bored with
_that_ conversation some time ago. You're right -- my memory of even my
own past posts are imperfect, and I haven't _ever_ bothered to go
through the archive (which I think is a bit incomplete -- don't know if
Tim's been able to do updates in a month or two). I have better things
to do myself.

I've said sincerely generous things about your abilities in the past,
and sincerely not so generous things about my own habits. If you don't
find _those_ in the archives, then the facts being presented your last
post are a bit too selective to be trustworthy.

I apologize for any and every demeaning thing I may have said to you in
the past. The facts about yourself that you can't see from your own
posts are your headaches, not mine.

BUT, I appreciate your responses to the more interesting (to me) topic
at hand. I don't know if I should reply, since you've already said more
than once you don't have the time to continue.

I'll say this, then -- I think a detailed response would be demanding
another response from you, and I should let you drop the conversation if
you want to so I'll limit myself to a repetition of two pertinent points:

1. I agree with you that there is such a thing as a stable human nature
that exists across times and cultures; i.e., we all experience rage,
maybe even for _some_similar reasons.

2. I disagree that we all understand that human nature in the same way
across time and culture. Assuming continuity of thought from Homer's
time to now about any individual facet of human nature can lead to
careless mistakes...or it can lead you in the right direction. I don't
think we can know without detailed study.


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