lions & children

From: Kim Johnson <>
Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 12:02:44 EST

"All writers--no matter how many lions they shoot, no
matter how many rebellions they actively support--go
to their graves half-Oliver Twist and half-Mary, Mary,
Quite Contrary."

JDS, contributors' notes, harper's, 1949

"I'm aware that a number of my friends will be
saddened, or shocked, or shocked-saddened, over some
of the chapters of The Catcher in the Rye. Some of my
best friends are children. In fact, all of my best
friends are children. It's almost unbearable to me to
realize that my book will be kept on a shelf out of
their reach."

JDS, letter to the editor, 20th century authors, lst
supplement, ny: wilson, 1955

recently, i came across these two interesting quotes.


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