Re: guess who & when

From: Kim Johnson <>
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 12:20:33 EST

--- John P Baumgardner <> wrote:
> I'm wondering if JDS contributed often to 'the
> ursinus weekly'. are these
> available online somewhere or might I actually make
> myself useful by
> strolling over to the ursinus library and looking up
> back issues?

i think he contributed eight or ten (?) columns during
the fall semester. can't recall if he lasted past

frankly, i can't remember where/how i got the quote.
(was going through old papers and came across some
salinger quotes.) i vaguely recall that jack
sublette, in his detailed bibliography, might have
excerpts from 'the skipped diploma' and salinger
letters in archives. but i don't have a copy so i
can't check. anyone know if that's so?


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