Re: guess who & when

From: Kim Johnson <>
Date: Mon Jan 27 2003 - 16:47:13 EST

--- Will Hochman <> wrote:
> I think
> Salinger thought a lot about his readers. He clearly
> doesn't care for
> critics and scholars but he does want to appeal to
> "amateur readers."
> will

here i was invoking the prologue of 'seymour: an
intro' and totally forgetting the marvelous beginning!

that opening is wonderful! and yes, i guess you are
right, that 'salinger thought a lot about his

(i'll have to go back and re-think my earlier post;
maybe salinger is an exception. but i still can't
imagine poets worrying about their readers' needs (or
even who their readers might be) while in the midst of
the muse's visit.)


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