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Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 16:58:15 EST

i haven't.

but it's very embarrassing to say that i saw the
(which i liked.)


The book is much much different. The movie captured some of the New Mexico
Character but Robert Redford among many things is still a tourista. I never
read any Tony Hillerman but I have attended my fair share of Fiestas at the
Pueblos and on the Res. The story I am finishing now (writing) is about New
Mexico with a working title of "Remote Beyond Compare". The scenes in the
movie where they were going to 'shoot the balls off' the Floristas is a good
pararallel of our sentiments for Texans. If you want a trip into the
'Twilight Zone' of real history, read _El Grito!_, it's about the Tierra
Amarilla uprising and the'Tierra O' Muerte' affair. Also, for those of you
for a penchant for the graphic, there is _The Hate Factory_ about the New
Mexico Prison Riot. This is all recent stuff but the real bizzarre stuff
goes back 500 plus years.

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