RE: Salinger and Fruits

From: Yocum Daniel GS 21 CES/CEOE <>
Date: Wed Jan 29 2003 - 11:57:39 EST

It is striking how the cult of personality and the author is not seperated
for these people. Sad, really...
...The other side of the posters contains those weathered skeptics.They
have "heroes" like the oft-mentioned Kafka. But they have built in shit
detectors and aren't afraid to break them out even when surrounded by those
who are armed and dangerous, operating in blind faith.

As you could likely predict, I'm a member of neither group of posters. Never

would I join a group that would take a person like me as a member.


John Geduski

You are what you read, you are what write, you are what you see, you are
what you say, you are all of this and more, so what?

JDS's writing seems to follow a standard curve. His stuff is good but
improves in the 22 un-republished stories (some bumps), then the Pinnacle
with CITR and Bananafish and then a descent to the trough with Hapworth.
The people who make a cult around JDS are no different then many other
cults, whether they are in sports, Hollywood, politics, and of course
religion. How does all this surprise you? Human nature can be so
unnatural. Does this stuff happen in the Bastions of higher learning? Sure,
you find human nature there too. I suspect it can be found in far off
Britain as well, they are different but still human, I think. What to do
about it? LAUGH!!!

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