Re: guess who & when

From: James Rovira <>
Date: Wed Jan 29 2003 - 13:53:29 EST

My wife went through a bunch of her old writing and tossed it about a
year ago. It was mostly adolescent stuff -- it served no purpose to her
anymore, and wasn't anything she'd want representing her writing or her
ideas anymore. There have been a few authors throughout history who
requested their work be destroyed while laying on their deathbeds. Of
course, we only know about them because their wishes weren't respected....


m e g h a n wrote:

> Why would the author destory their work? As a kid, I wrote many
> stories, which were 100% for myself.. I wouldn't show them to anyone
> and kept them in my locked diary... but I never threw them out. Why
> would I want to throw out anything that I wrote, which is essentially
> art(probably very bad art, but art nonetheless). Maybe I'm the
> exception, but I see it as a tragedy when writing and paintings and
> the such get destroyed.
> Meghan
>> Even imagining a writer who died, whose work was later discovered and
>> then
>> published, you have to wonder...why didn't the writer destroy their
>> work?
>> Jim
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