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Date: Fri Jan 31 2003 - 20:46:09 EST're right, it's there....the other two "grools" nearly had

Well, here's the Google search for "Grools" --

The first hit on the page looks like "grools" is a misspelling of

In the second, I think it's a slur of "drools."

The third link is a deliberate rip off of Salinger -- and Holden's
character -- so it's used synonymously with "girls" as Salinger did in
chapter 10.

I think, in context, Holden is referring to a pair of girls he doesn't
find particularly attractive, and they happen to be laughing at him at the
moment. He hasn't been drinking, so he's not slurring his speech. He's
probably crossing "girls" with either "ghouls" or "drools" to reflect his
distaste for these women.

That's the best I can guess...anyone else?


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> Jim wrote:
> "Could you quote the paragraph or a good chunk of it? You may have a
> misprint. I found the word "girls" quite a bit, but not "grool." If
> Holden is talking to someone (other than the reader), he may be
> slurring
> his speech a bit."
> OKAY here it is:
> "Finally, the blonde one got up to dance with me,
> because you could tell I was really talking to her, and
> we walked out to the dance floor. The other two GROOLS
> nearly had hysterics when we did. I certainly must've
> been very hard up to even bother with any of them.
> But it was worth it. The blonde was some dancer.
> She was one of the best dancers I ever danced with.
> I'm not kidding, some of these very stupid girls can
> really knock you out on a dance floor. You take a
> really smart girl, and half the time she's trying to lead
> you around the dance floor, or else she's such a lousy
> dancer, the best thing to do is stay at the table and just
> get drunk with her."
> "heh...first time I picked up Salinger in some time. Some pretty
> wonderful lines just in that chapter..."
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