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Subject: Re: The Salinger link to life game...
From: Will Hochman (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 02:21:19 GMT

>I often find myself in similar positions, and try (very hard) to laugh
>at it rather than getting irritated. Because getting irritated does
>no good for anyone, including the people around you. But learning to
>laugh about adversity at least feels good inside, and may have
>benefits associated with people you see and touch.
Oh Tim, you Laughing Man, you! Yes, I think turning irritatation and
laughter can work well...I can imagine Boo Boo trying to make Lionel
laugh as they race back to the house at the end of "Down At The
Dinghy" despite her own irritation with Sandra. I've been re-reading
the Nine Stories for an honor student I'm working with and it's no
chore...pure delight in fact! (Is that the real life link to Mattis
saying I've given him a broken watch?;)will

	Will Hochman

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