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Subject: RE: whoa!
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 02:57:50 GMT

>>Scottie wrote (with surprisingly little wool(!) :-):
>>the most decent, most tolerant imperial power the world has ever

At first, I thought: Well, if you wanna say something nice about
Americans, that would be it. But then I thought about 'what the
Americans gave us' like the H-bomb, the world city, the car-assembly line
and this on top of what Scottie mentions himself. This made me think again.
Purely theoretical,
- we don't know how the people felt under Napeleon,
the Roman Empire, the Turkish empire etc.
- all that is near (the US empire) feels more comfortable.

And thirdly, one might theorize that saying things like 'the most decent tolerant
empire' is not surprising considering the source, considering how the source
strongly identifies with the 'empire'. If anybody thinks this is too
personal, i fully retract that last statement.

>> (After us Brits, that is.)
Scottie, i know (i guess) that you are trying to
be funny/ironical/cynical but this is really not funny if you are
from the former colonies of England (e.g. Ireland).

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