Re: 21st Century Franny? (was "Re: So long fishers")

Subject: Re: 21st Century Franny? (was "Re: So long fishers")
From: L. Manning Vines (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 00:35:23 GMT

Valérie said:

<< I can hardly attack someone named 'vines', because she's automatically a
fine and elegant person. The way she 'discusses and writes about Great
Books' is an additional proof. However, I may advise her to laugh with good
dirty jokes sometimes (with naked-Lavoisier, if she really cares about),
it's quite healthy for the mind too. >>

The name L. Manning Vines is not mine, but is a reference to two (right?)
Salinger stories. He is a fictional Bad Writer, I believe. MY name is
Robbie. Nice to meet you, Valérie. Also, I am not a she, but a he. And I
don't quite understand your last sentence, but it suggests to me that you
misunderstood my previous post. I did indeed laugh at the Lavoisier joke --
mightily. The joke was made after some imbibing of liquors, and it was thus
very well-received.


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