Vines Whines

From: John Gedsudski <>
Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 10:57:40 EST

Whoa, Nelly. Did not want to see the text nor the links.
How did that verbosity connect to Salinger again?
While realizing the bananafishers can occasionaly post a windy, near-polemic
clap-trap of a message (see my lengthy, ether-induced post circa Christmas),
there is something painful about that last post of yours, Robbie. From some
people, I believe Theodore Mcardle might term, "apple eaters".

I couldn't care less about what Chomsky says "should be read." I think his
buddies at MIT should find a wormhole, build a time machine, and send the
lunatic back to the Battle of the Bulge. It would be the best thing for that
tumid "No War, No Way" political prose he is known for. If you're trying to
find some merit, literary or otherwise in Derrida, then you are another
blind man groping in the dark, looking for a black cat that isn't even

Can it.


John Gedsudski
Adjuct Professor of Lingo
Philisita Technical Institute
Whirly Wood, Conn.

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