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From: L. Manning Vines <>
Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 21:33:31 EST

Mr. Gedsudski said: << Whoa, Nelly. Did not want to see the text nor the

Okay. I warned you.

 And: << How did that verbosity connect to Salinger again? >>

It didn't.

And: << While realizing the bananafishers can occasionaly post a windy,
near-polemic clap-trap of a message (see my lengthy, ether-induced post
circa Christmas), there is something painful about that last post of yours,

You will observe that it was neither polemic, nor near-polemic. It was
primarily the text of a letter that I did not write -- posted because
somebody said that he wanted to see it and I expected that a few others
might agree -- and it was posted without commentary. The remainder was
links, posted only with descriptions of their contents.

Take out the letter that I posted as a curiosity, and the links that
pertained to it and the conversation surrounding it, and there was no

And: << I couldn't care less about what Chomsky says "should be read." I
think his buddies at MIT should find a wormhole, build a time machine, and
send the lunatic back to the Battle of the Bulge. It would be the best thing
for that tumid "No War, No Way" political prose he is known for. >>

He's also known for remaking the field of linguistics, and it is primarily
his linguistic work that is of interest to me. And I had no expectation
that you would be interested, which is why I disclaimed.

It's good to see that you're an equal-opportunity offender, though.

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