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From: L. Manning Vines <>
Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 19:59:52 EST

John said: << [. . .] precisely the people who were disturbed [. . .] and
for precisely the reasons they listed. [. . .] that allegedly intelligent
readers could actually liken Derrida's work in any way to the Dadaists [. .
.] the work of those other names so seriously attached to the letter in
question all those years ago. >>

We should note that the letter was written by one man. A group signed it.
And while I don't know many of the details surrounding the fiasco, I do
know that many of the objectors, including some of the most vocal, did not
sign the letter. And I know that there are others still who were not
involved at all in the Cambridge controversy who nevertheless share similar

Perhaps you are right to dismiss the content of the letter, but I don't know
if this can amount to a dismissal of all involved, and I am sure that it
cannot amount to a dismissal of all who object to much of Derrida's work.

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