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Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 10:46:25 EST

 ...Exactly why the Glass family points out his mimicry, and why he
retreats to his comfortable hermitage.

John Gedsudski

Thanks Gedsudski,
So...if Jerome's conundrum, his fish hole is the restraints of his spiritual
view of the world, how depressing. If you are aware of spiritual reality
and your state, you become bananafish aware? so you exit like Teddy or
Seymour? and if you are clueless you are like the fat lady or worse yet,
you're a trivial yapping New Yorker or section man. And if you are aware of
your state and you know what the doll on the airplane sees but continue to
eat bananas anyway you are Buddy.

Damn, is there anything else to eat besides little apples and bananas
(Raffi's tune of apples and bananas repeats in my head)? Are Zooey or even
Seymour really "performing" for the fat lady? I thought in Jerome's world
the fat lady can't be anything more than Maya (sp?). All the Glass's are
performers. It seems like a condescending performance. They have truly
failed to see that Seymour did not make them freaks they ARE the fat lady,
Jerome too. Take a step back, the Zen state of being is not a bad way to
see things (mostly), to see things as they are with self restrained ego. It
is the stuff, or true mana of the soul, at least for a writer. But the
Glasses are delusional. I am a romantic sometimes, I can sit and see nature
and really see it. It's a secret but when I go hunting I miss a lot of
opportunities to take game because I am busy seeing. That is the true love
of hunting or fishing for that matter. You sleep in a tent in the
mountains, at 9,000 feet or more, with 20 plus inches of snow on the ground,
frost on the inside of the nylon and flesh biting air. You wake up before
light, eat and mill about the warm beautiful fire and then head out to stalk
until sunset. You might rendezvous with your party for lunch some where to
fry burritos or something. It is over 12 hours a day 5 to 7 days of,... not
bananas, in valleys and mountain sides, crests and peaks, meadows, and
ravines. Napping in the hollow of a jumble of boulders, writing random
thoughts on the back of your elk tag because you forgot to bring paper.
Now, if you get an elk, what are you to do with your notes (apples)? Hell,
we'll see if an elk comes. Taking an animal is great and the meat is nice
to have and share but that is not hunting. There is no other fat lady
except you out there, no vaudeville act.

Maybe Holden saw fat ladies too and was afraid of becoming one, to bad he
didn't realize he was already one, like Franny, Zooey, Buddy and even
Seymour. Jerome needed entertainers that he could listen to from his porch
swing. There is an audience but it isn't the fat lady or even Jerome.

I don't know what bannanafever means, I saw it in a book section heading but
I haven't read that section yet, it just made me think. I guess I am a
flesh eater and blood drinker, I'll leave the apples and bananas to the
vegetarians. Holden is a meat eater too, that is why he wears a red hunting

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