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From: Aaron Sommers <>
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 14:40:43 EST

Maybe that Letters from JD salinger guy can help me here. There is/was an
internet sight with quotes from Catcher posted, (it was NOT the Holden
Server). It had a picture of a guy in a bathtub, smoking a cigar and smiling
while reading an original copy of Catcher in the Rye. The heading read; "If
Saligner has a problem with this website, Phooey!". It was very funny,
anyone else seen it? Also, can anyone on this list post another picture of
the gun (Ortigies?) used in APDFB? Just wondering.


>I have a hunch some fish might be interested in this:
>I have so far collected 15 examples of the CITR title in foreign
>languages - from Russian to Swedish - and it turns out that they are
>often amazingly different from the original (examples: "Savior in a
>Crisis", "Damned Youth"!)
>I wonder whether Will Hochman or others would know about this - I
>mean, doesn't the author have the right to insist on a more or less
>literal translation? Also, wouldn't JDS be the very example of an
>author who would definitely insist?
>The translations can be found at:
>"THE CATCHER IN THE RYE by J.D.Salinger - and related matters"
>url: - click on #
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