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From: Kim Johnson <>
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 16:42:00 EST

there are some pertinent remarks re this thread within
this salinger signed document:

One page, tall folio (legal sheet) contract assigning
the Portuguese rights to Salinger's book Raise High
The Roof Beam, Carpenter and Seymour, An Introduction,
to the Portuguese publishers Livraria Bertrand,
docketed in pen with the date "6-14-63." A printed
document, with sections filled in by typewriter, on
this copy in carbon, specifying the initial payment
and royalties to Salinger, and his agent's commission
for the Portuguese edition. Folded as mailed, slight
edge wear, about fine. Nothing about this document
belies the author's interest in privacy, including
three interesting codicils which have been added in
(carbon) type specifying "that no written material
except the author's can be included in the book or
used on the cover or the jacket. This means no reviews
or quotations from reviews on the jacket, no
introductory comments or prefaces," another states "no
photograph may be used on the cover or jacket in any
connection with this book. No biographical material
may be used for promotion or advertising" and finally,
"cover and dust jacket of the book must be submitted
for the author's approval." In one section the printed
contract has been amended in carbon type: "Portuguese
title of said work shall be a literal translation of
the American title," to which has been further added
to this sheet in direct type, apparently at the
author's request: "and all proper names are to be
given in English." Beside this section Salinger has
Initialed "J.D.S." At the end of the document the
author has Signed "J.D. Salinger." Additionally Claire
Salinger, the author's wife from 1955 to 1967, has
signed as Witness. Remarks on the rarity of Salinger's
autograph are probably unnecessary -- if you need a
pep talk, give us a call. Signed by author. IMAGE
available - Click on the picture icon at left. First
edition. Bookseller Inventory #39742 Price: US$

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