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From: James Rovira <>
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 16:46:22 EST

heck, I'd pay twelve thou for that :).

Right after I bought my 1970s Corvette and ranch house.


PS thanks for posting...this is all very interesting. you're a true
historian, Kim.

Kim Johnson wrote:

>there are some pertinent remarks re this thread within
>this salinger signed document:
>One page, tall folio (legal sheet) contract assigning
>the Portuguese rights to Salinger's book Raise High
>The Roof Beam, Carpenter and Seymour, An Introduction,
>to the Portuguese publishers Livraria Bertrand,
>docketed in pen with the date "6-14-63." A printed
>document, with sections filled in by typewriter, on
>this copy in carbon, specifying the initial payment
>and royalties to Salinger, and his agent's commission
>for the Portuguese edition. Folded as mailed, slight
>edge wear, about fine. Nothing about this document
>belies the author's interest in privacy, including
>three interesting codicils which have been added in
>(carbon) type specifying "that no written material
>except the author's can be included in the book or
>used on the cover or the jacket. This means no reviews
>or quotations from reviews on the jacket, no
>introductory comments or prefaces," another states "no
>photograph may be used on the cover or jacket in any
>connection with this book. No biographical material
>may be used for promotion or advertising" and finally,
>"cover and dust jacket of the book must be submitted
>for the author's approval." In one section the printed
>contract has been amended in carbon type: "Portuguese
>title of said work shall be a literal translation of
>the American title," to which has been further added
>to this sheet in direct type, apparently at the
>author's request: "and all proper names are to be
>given in English." Beside this section Salinger has
>Initialed "J.D.S." At the end of the document the
>author has Signed "J.D. Salinger." Additionally Claire
>Salinger, the author's wife from 1955 to 1967, has
>signed as Witness. Remarks on the rarity of Salinger's
>autograph are probably unnecessary -- if you need a
>pep talk, give us a call. Signed by author. IMAGE
>available - Click on the picture icon at left. First
>edition. Bookseller Inventory #39742 Price: US$
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