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Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 19:13:10 EST

Hi Daniel,

I don't touch anything in or on my car except the steering wheel, the gear
shift, and the radio knobs (and the door handles, of course). Heck, I'm not
even washing this one. All tasks in life, in general, which are likely to
end up with dirt on my hands or on my clothes are listed under the same motto
-- "there is someone I can pay to do this." Other than the occasional sand
in my cuffs from a deep bunker on a long par 3, I avoid anything that might
result in such messes or such labor.

Sex, of course, is the obvious exception.

As for the engine in my new convertible -- I'll never see it. Thankfully.

And I don't plan on blowing the doors off of anything -- a gentle cruising at
80 down the Interstate with the top down and the warm Florida sun on my head
is all I require. If I get a craving for racing in the streets, I'll pop in
a Bruce CD.

Reveling not in the 'engineering,' but in the solid comfort of it all, I am
at peace.

All the best,


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