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From: John P Baumgardner <>
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 11:02:01 EST

Damn it, cars these days get me all fired up. Those molded bumpers, what
the hell are they? How many 5 mph parking lot accidents have I seen cause
$1500 damage? What the hell is that? Bumpers are to supposed to allow us
that margin of error. The car industry has provided its dealerships a
whole lot of business in completely avoidable body work. And we wonder why
our insurance is so high. I'm so fired up I can't even think of a literary
reference to make this worthy of posting. Oh well.

John P. B.

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heh...I drive a gold 1983 BMW 528E with lots of personality. It cost me
about three week's pay.
We're close on this one, John B.

When I read Omlor's post, I thought..."Fish wasn't writing about _him_ in
'The Unbearable Ugliness of


John P Baumgardner wrote:

> Sorry guys, but you're not getting any envy from this direction. My '92
> Olds Wagon, with the wooden paneling of course, my surfboard sticking out
> the back, and my dog in the passenger seat is the way I prefer to travel.
> I don't get bent out of shape if my dog (or my sandy self) messes up the
> interior, and it only cost me two weeks pay. The best things in life are
> free, or close to it. I guess the Thoreau in me knows if I was to own a
> 40k car, it would actually own me. But if you're stronger men than me,
> more power to ya.
> John P. B.

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