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Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 16:45:30 EST

John, is 'ahppes' the mystical version of happens? Kidding seriously. I
can't see any hope in the thing either and it seems that maybe the Glass
menagerie was concocted just for that very purpose. Maybe, Elizabeth, it's
Jim's meaning breathed reader that helps you see that hope. Or, maybe, you
are just bubbling with hope and got some on your copy of _Nine Stories_.
You can't wipe it off, better just buy antoher copy.



That's an interesting approach to the story. I don't see any glimmer of hope

throughout it, however. The reason why Sybil runs "without regret" is
exactly why she will choose, like her mother, to live a life opposite to
what someone like Seymour valued. Maybe that is why Salinger had introduced
us to Sybil in the way he did, she is Muriel when she was a young girl.
Judgemental, jealous and materialistic. Cares about nothing but herself, and

is too dumb to realize her shortcomings because she was raised by a twisted
As I expounded in the original post, the only young person who can escape
such a pathetic existence is the Anonymous Man, and this ahppes only through

a mystical experience. So I don't see much in the way of hope in any of the
tales in Nine Stories, only malcontent and desire.


John Gedsudski
Adjunct Professor of Economics
Northern Philistia Community College
Whirly Wood, Conn.

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