Transcendental Driving

From: <>
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 16:56:06 EST

John B. wrote:

"I guess the Thoreau in me knows if I was to own a 40k car, it would actually
own me."

Yes, well Henry David and I have little or nothing in common. Nature, as
someone once put it, is I what I have to pass through to get from the four
star hotel to the cab; except for golf, of course, which as Alan King says
proudly in "Sunshine State," is "nature on a leash."  You're right, though,
like all good relationships, this one with the new car has it's delightfully
masochistic side. I'm not always sure who is master and who is slave, but
the playing sure is fun.

Happy, having just driven home from work,


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