Re: The Franc Also Rises

From: Scottie Bowman <>
Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 07:48:30 EST

    That's one of the laughs, all right.

    But I'm speechless, stunned, bewildered, intrigued,
    filled, even, with an eerie foreboding that you find
    it all a little 'slow' until we reach those devotions
    in Pamplona.

    Slow? Slow? OF COURSE it's slow. That's the whole point.
    You lay the words in as carefully & judiciously as you would
    lay the stones for a ford in a stream of clear water coming down
    from the mountains. And you fetch them out the same way.

    Didn't you fancy the lights shining through the new leaves
    on the chestnuts along Montparnasse? Or Cohn's girlfriend,
    Frances? Or the 'pleasant early morning feeling of a hot day'?
    Or ...?

    Now that you've introduced the bearded old psychopath
    I don't see how we're ever going to dawdle back to pale Nazarene
    who serves as a pretext for this listserv. I don't see how I am,

    Scottie B.


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