Re: Green Icebergs

From: James Rovira <>
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 10:51:26 EST

Nah, the Irish generally love life...until the Jesuits or the British
get to them. Then you get guys like Joyce.

You've heard the old saying, "There's nothing worse than a reformed


Yocum Daniel GS 21 CES/CEOE wrote:

>I finished Joyce's Dubliners. Good thing there weren't any loaded guns at
>hand or I would have shot the nearest Irish man to put him out of his
>The Jesuits must have pinched and squeezed Joyce's heart until they turned
>it into a little lump of coal. Catholic fossil fuel for the fire I suppose.
>The next time I offer up incense, I'll ask that this last serpent is driven
>from God's green Earth.
>Scottie, if this is the tip of the iceberg then we are all doomed on this
>Titanic, like the schlock horror movie that ends with the hand from the
>grave grabbing our hero at the closing scene.
>Ich bin ein Dubliner, Joyce! Tear down this wall!
>By the way, what's this fascination Joyce has with large heads? I have it
>on good authority that 'Kennedy' is Gaelic for 'a LARGE mis-shapened head'.
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