Re: address to the troops

From: Will Hochman <>
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 10:53:32 EST

Jim, I have some experience teaching first-year college students to
do research writing. When I get advanced students, I challenge them
in two ways. I let all of my students develop their own essay ideas,
so that allows them each to work as individuals. But I also use a lot
of workshopping and collaboration in my classes, and I let some of
the strongest students know that I think they should be co-teachers.
In other words, you can challenge your talented young student to do
individual work beyond the general level of work in the class and you
can also include her in before or after class discussions about how
to improve the class.

The College Conference on Composition and Communication is meeting in
NYC in Mid-March. I've always found great answers to my teaching
questions there...any chance you are presenting/attending?

Also, Eberhard Alsen's A Reader's Guide J.D. Salinger has a very nice
little discussion of "Salinger's Philosophy of Composition." You
might enjoy it,


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