Re: address to the troops

From: James Rovira <>
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 10:17:31 EST

Heh :).

Yes, we have all been quiet. My excuse isn't nearly as dramatic as duct
tape, however. I had an exam a week before last, and have started
teaching again, so I've been swamped. Work's been busy too...when it's
slow, I have more time to devote to listserves.

I'm teaching Research Writing. I've been blessed with one remarkable
writer. Egad. She's, what, 19? Ye gods...what can I do for her other
than get her to think clearly and deliberately about every word she
chooses and stay out of her way otherwise?

Really. I'm open to suggestions :).


Scottie Bowman wrote:

> I'm sorry to see that my Murrican cousins are so busy
> duck-taping the windows, laying in the bottled water,
> fitting the gas masks & so on that they have no more time
> for the finer things of life. Remember how some of us
> found Sophoclean comfort in the trenches &, under the blitz,
> the reassurance of a Bach?
> Where are you all?
> Hochman, Rovira, O'Connor, for God's sake straighten
> your tunics & put your helmets back on. Kozusko, I expected
> better of you. Omlor, stop digging in that bunker - the sand's
> getting in my eyes. Yocum, I'd like you to oil the breech-blocks.
> Kim, I hope you were only held up in the traffic.
> Come along, chaps. Mustn't panic. Sets a bad example.
> Thank you, Mr Gedsuski. Carry on.
> Scottie B.

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