RE: address to the troops

From: Yocum Daniel GS 21 CES/CEOE <>
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 11:14:20 EST

    I'm sorry to see that my Murrican cousins are so busy
    duck-taping the windows, laying in the bottled water,
    fitting the gas masks & so on that they have no more time
    for the finer things of life... Where are you all?...

I was in Albuquerque celebrating my Daughters first birthday with the
familia. Only the East coast is buying duct tape and bottled water (hold
the Perrier). The West coast (California) is most likely building bomb

    Hochman, Rovira, O'Connor, for God's sake straighten
    your tunics & put your helmets back on.

This is way too much to expect from Philistines Scottie.

Kozusko, I expected
    better of you. Omlor, stop digging in that bunker - the sand's
    getting in my eyes.

That's not John it is his man Friday.

Yocum, I'd like you to oil the breech-blocks.

Check and double check, I rinsed out the tool sinks with Champaign what else
is that swill good for?

Kim, I hope you were only held up in the traffic.

    Come along, chaps. Mustn't panic. Sets a bad example.

    Thank you, Mr Gedsuski. Carry on.

I agree, Mr Gedsuski deserves distinction for meritorious service, The
Silver Bananafish with Central Park Duck Clusters.


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