Re: address to the troops

From: Tim O'Connor <>
Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 - 10:52:01 EST

> I'm sorry to see that my Murrican cousins are so busy
> duck-taping the windows, laying in the bottled water,
> fitting the gas masks & so on that they have no more time
> for the finer things of life. Remember how some of us
> found Sophoclean comfort in the trenches &, under the blitz,
> the reassurance of a Bach?

No tape here. I figure on just wandering the post-apocalypse
streets until I expire. You will know because the list will
stop working after about two months....

> Hochman, Rovira, O'Connor, for God's sake straighten
> your tunics & put your helmets back on.

Me in uniform would be detrimental to any fighting force, up to
and including the Boy Scouts.

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