Re: guess who & whe[re]

From: Tim O'Connor <>
Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 - 10:58:54 EST

Just a note of administration, which is that there were a few
messages stuck in a queue because the subscribers sent them from
addresses other than the ones they're subscribed from.

The list doesn't accept mail from addresses that are not already
subscribed. That's the reason (whew) we don't get hit by junk
mail to the list. Perhaps it's one of the few refuges in my
world NOT soiled by the stuff.

Anyhow, I found about a half-dozen or so, and since I knew the
senders (and saw that they simply used a different address in
posting), I manually approved them and sent them along. So --
that's why you may be seeing some new messages in your
"bananafish" mailbox this morning. It's just me, dusting things

Cheers to all,

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