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From: Victoria Volpi <>
Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 - 21:26:44 EST

It's the first time that I write in this list (and probably the last one) because, Valerie, my English is surely worse than yours. (I am Spanish). I don't speak Italian either, but I am very interested in Alessandro Baricco, who is "my second favourite author". Alessandro Baricco was born in Torino and he founded there a "school of creative writing", which he, certainly, decided to name after Holden Caulfield. The reason is that Baricco is a great admirer of Salinger's work. Apart from that, in one of Baricco's books, titled "Oceano Mare", ("Ocean sea" in English, I believe), there's a clear tribute to Salinger's bananafish. The word "bananafish" actually appears, almost at the end of the book... And, a few months ago, I think, at his "scuola", he carried on a series of readings on "Il giovane Holden", which is the Italian translation for "The Catcher in the Rye".
Finally, I'd like to remark that I got interested in Baricco's work when I read his book "Novecento" for the firs time. Actually, i found some sort of similarities between Baricco's and Salinger's writing. Don't ask me about those similarities, for I just don't know. It was mainly my intuition. Afterwards I heard about "la Scuola Holden", and got some info on Baricco's biography and influences and discovered that mine was not a failed intuition.
I hope this explanation will be useful.
Victoria. Hi everyone,it has been a long time since I sent a mail to the list, and I tend to accept my status of lurker. So it's almost against my will that I'm writing right now.Today, I read the very short book "Silk", by italian author Alessandro Baricco, and on the back cover, there is his short resume. It is said that he was part in the creation of a writing school (a school which teaches narrativ proceedings, etc...) named Scuola Holden, in Turino. You can find it here: I see something called Holden, I always think it relates to Mister Caulfield. And usually, I'm right, as if there was only one Holden in the whole world to refer to. This web site is in italian, but I've seen the word Salinger in the intro, so it definitely relates to him. The reason I'm writing is that I 'd like to know if there is an Italian here or someone speaking italian, who could translate the intro to know why the school is named that way.That's it. I'm ba
 ck to my status of lurker.Bye, and sorry for my enduring bad English.Valérie ARON

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