Yet another introduction...

From: Alexa Malott <>
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 00:18:55 EST

I have been inspired by all the recent introductions to promote myself from lurker to...well, not a lurker (hello, hello, ahoy!). I must apologize for not being a professor and admit to being a lowly high school student. And (alas) my time is still divided between waiting by the telephone and avoiding calculus homework. Furthermore, I'm sad to say that when this list gets a little too overly analytical (and it does, believe me, it does) I don't hesitate with the delete button. But it's all thought-provoking nonetheless, so I stay on.

Catcher in the Rye intrigued me, Nine Stories commited me, and the other two (I don't mean to be dismissive, really) were the icing on the cake. I'm afraid I haven't read Hapworth. As much as I love Holden, the Salinger character I'd really like to spend several weeks in Europe with is Seymour. Or Allie. Or Teddy. Long live indecision. Because, you see, if Holden and I knew each other we would spend days not calling each other. And if I can ever find the notes I wrote regarding a 5 AM thought I had, I have a question for the distinguished among us (no, scratch that, the more undistinguished the better).


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