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From: Kevin Carter <>
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 02:09:48 EST

While I'm not sure you could consider me a lurker in classic Jargon File form because I've already racked up a few posts here, I'll introduce myself in grandiloquent form nonetheless. Just try to imagine the fanfare; it's tough to reproduce electronically.

I'm Kevin Carter, a 17 year old trapped in the suburban hell of Arvada, Colorado. Much as Alexa, I was intrigued by Catcher, but Franny and Zooey finally ensnared me and remains my favorite to this day. Last summer, I greedily photocopied the underpublished stories as quickly as I could (much as a bananafish) in an attempt to read every last letter the man wrote. Much to my chagrin, the remainder of the treasure-trove is locked up in the Ivory Tower of Princeton, who is sure to reject me based on my slightly-above-average GPA. Damn those math classes.

Other major reading interests right now include, but aren't necessarily limited to: "Dharma Bums... the Beat and the Sloppy and the Petulant," (S:AI 97) European Romantics, American Transcendentalists, the Bohemians, and others. Give me a book. I will read it, eventually, but I have to make it through my others first.

When I'm not reading and slowly morphing into one of those aspiring phony section men, I'm listening to music, acting, or debating.

Chronic senioritis has me writing this post instead of working on AP American History homework. This is a bad idea. I'm blaming my abysmal study habits on the Internet. Oh yeah... Kerouac too. Back to David Brinkley.


-kevin carter
"...angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night..." --allen ginsberg, "howl."

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