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From: kelly davis <>
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 19:08:31 EST

> Kelly wrote:
>> How old was J.D. when he started his State of Reclusification?
>> (I myself am considering hiding out in a bunker to finish my next
>> opus)

John Gedsudski wrote:
> That is difficult to say. His 'state of reclusification' probably
> began during the first time he was introduced to another person.
> J.D. Salinger made his formal entrance to his Hermitage sometime
> around 1952, after returning from Europe, when he found the fervor
> over The Catcher in the Rye deafening. He then purchased a chunk of
> land about two hours from Dartmouth College, and a small house with no
> running water at the time.
> Ten years later we find the Old Hermit turning his back on his readers.
> I bet those rumors of him awaking early in the day, trekking to his
> underground room, then chain-smoking and writing for eight hours at a
> time were accurate. However, this scenerio is dated, and seeing how my
> sources tell me he is not in the best of health these days, my bet is
> on him spending most of his time, at least during these brutal New
> England winters, in a cordoroy chair watching old movies (with an
> episode of reality TV catching his attention every week or so).
> I am not sure if "hiding out in a bunker" is the best way to proceed
> with your opus. It may have worked for Salinger, he is said to have
> finished Raise High the Roofbeam, Carpenters while confined to a hotel
> room in New York City. But Salinger is an exception.
> So, the short answer to your question is around 32.
john , grazie mille
for your reply
anyone know where can i find a more or less bio or list of the
activities of J.D.
during his life to date.
this year went here did that, etc stuff.
thank you for the food,

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