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From: John Gedsudski <>
Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 19:38:50 EST

Kelly wrote:

>How old was J.D. when he started his State of Reclusification?
>(I myself am considering hiding out in a bunker to finish my next opus)

That is difficult to say. His 'state of reclusification' probably began
during the first time he was introduced to another person.
J.D. Salinger made his formal entrance to his Hermitage sometime around
1952, after returning from Europe, when he found the fervor over The Catcher
in the Rye deafening. He then purchased a chunk of land about two hours from
Dartmouth College, and a small house with no running water at the time.
Ten years later we find the Old Hermit turning his back on his readers.

I bet those rumors of him awaking early in the day, trekking to his
underground room, then chain-smoking and writing for eight hours at a time
were accurate. However, this scenerio is dated, and seeing how my sources
tell me he is not in the best of health these days, my bet is on him
spending most of his time, at least during these brutal New England winters,
in a cordoroy chair watching old movies (with an episode of reality TV
catching his attention every week or so).

I am not sure if "hiding out in a bunker" is the best way to proceed with
your opus. It may have worked for Salinger, he is said to have finished
Raise High the Roofbeam, Carpenters while confined to a hotel room in New
York City. But Salinger is an exception.

So, the short answer to your question is around 32.


John Gedsudski
Adjuct Professor of Caricature
Yoshoto School of Fine Arts
501 Ethos Lane

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