RE: Try listening to the real ideas and ignore vitriolic attacks

From: Patrick Zimmer <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 17:47:00 EST

Daniel wrote:

>Who decides what is a real idea and not a vitriolic attack? Of course the
>individual will do this but it does require listening and thinking first
>which I assume everyone on this list is capable of doing for themselves.
>John has his crankiness but he has much value to add, I try not to let my
>thin skin close my ears and I try not to let anything get in the way of
>communication be it mine or another's, it does not mean I agree or not it
>just means that interaction on all levels are the zest of life. Look at
>Jerome, a cuss of a bastard with something interesting to say. Maybe some
>people feel like John because there is a widow's mite of truth in it. If
>makes anyone on this list feel better they are welcome to give my posts

I agree, I think that these personal attacks are for just-joshin'-you
tomfoolery and give this message board some personality. We should all be
able to be ourselves, repugnant assholes or squeamish yes-people or
whatever, and if we don't, our submissions to the board we'll become papers
written for Engilsh class, and goddamn it, I have been writing enough of
those lately.

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